I’m bedazzled. Seriously, I am floored. My father has been using this
seriously sketchy hosting company that appears to be a guy with a
cheap-o virtual host that’s reselling and charging his customers 15
bucks a month. His IP address is through some sort of proxy exchange
in California so it’s difficult to tell where he’s hosted. All his
contact info is no longer working and he’s the regisrant of my
father’s domain, which expires in less than a month. He claims on his
website that he has a co-location at Rackspace.com, so I gave them a
ring on a lark.

Someone answered the phone. I was seriously caught off guard. It took
me a second to figure out that a human just picked up the god damn
phone and said hello. No menu, no answering machine, just

She was super nice and sat and listened to my saga and then was very
sympathetic. She put me on hold and came back five minutes later and
told me that they did not host his server, but then told me who did.

She just solved my problem. 5 minutes. Boom. Done. I’m not even one of
her customers! With the place I host my websites through, it takes me
several days to get anything done and it’s always through a guy in
India or Pakistan who has no idea what he’s talking about. It’s
usually 24 hours turn around for each question I ask and generally,
they have been completely unable to solve any of my problems. Then
again, my hosting is no where near as expensive as Rackspace.

Long story short: if you are looking for a high-end co-lo facility, I
can vouch for their customer service. It’s fucking amazing.

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2 Responses to Rackspace

  1. Jane says:

    Thank you Joe! I came across this and REALLY appreciate it. Glad we could help you out! Have a good one =)

  2. moJoe says:

    Thanks again, Jane!