Project Eject

Yes please.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog of mine. Over a year, actually. But, some interesting things have happened to me since last I posted, and I’ve decided to re-purpose this blog to chronicle my attempts to flee the United States for warmer climes. My wife, son and I (along with one of my best friends) are going to attempt to move to the Island nation of Palau in a little less than a year. There are a number of reasons we want to leave, but I won’t bore you with all that. Long story short: we need a change of scenery.

Why Palau? First: my friend (whom I shall refer to as “O”) has family from there. Third: it’s absolutely effing gorgeous and D: it’s not here.

We’re going about moving to Palau in a rather circuitous manner. First, we’re divesting ourselves of nearly all our shit. Personally, I am taking the 100 thing challenge, which I will post about in more detail later on. Next, we’re moving into a garage. All three of us. Because we’re fucking idiots. And also because it’s going to be very, very cheap. This will allow us to save money for the ridiculously expensive air fare and help O save money as well, because it’s his garage. Win win win.

No please.

Finally, we’ll pack away what few things we have left that we don’t want to take with us and pull the eject lever. Phase two involves probably building a house, possibly buying a sailboat and definitely getting a suntan. I’m sure scuba lessons are in my future, too.

Meanwhile, I need to concentrate on getting rid of all my shit and procuring the things I need before we go. We also need to build a shed, which will store the things in O’s garage while we’re occupying it, and then we need to insulate and drywall and paint the inside of the garage before we move in. We’re also considering collecting cheap or free materials here to build our house over there and then shipping them, but we still have to figure out which way will be cheaper. Shipping materials over-seas doesn’t sound like it’s the most environmentally friendly solution, but depending on the cost of shipping , it may be our best option by a long shot.

So, in short I’ve decided to make my blog into a diary of our attempt to move into a garage and further our attempt to move to paradise and then, possibly, a chronicle of the things we do when we get there including (hopefully) building an energy independent, highly efficient home. More for myself later on down the road than anything else, but if other people decide to read too, all the better.

This is a model of the inside of our new abode that that my wife made in Google Sketchup.

That’s all for now, more on my “100 things” later.

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