Backsplash? Not any more.

It took me over thirty years to figure this out on my own. I made a diagram. If I save just one person, it was worth it.

Spread the word. You don’t have to be a victim anymore!


7 Responses to Backsplash? Not any more.

  1. Meg Caskey says:

    The theory seems solid… and if it works, brilliant. Does it matter which way you lay the “flying V” down?

  2. I pretty much do that already :)

  3. Wes Brown says:

    Goddamit, I just had this conversation the other day in the Reddit minecraft sub reddit.

  4. Joe No says:

    Meg: Nope, you can even do a “Z.” The less space the better.


    Wes: Really? I think people are waking up to this fact seemingly independently of one another. There may be a strong argument here for the collective consciousness, though.

  5. I just make sure to put down enough to cover the water and bridge to the porcelain on both sides. Enough to take an “impact” and hopefully stay intact.

  6. Note: the “silencer” as decribed on urban dictionary is different. This is more like the anti-backsplasher and butt-zit resistant

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