If I had a choice to either cure cancer or cure Comcast, I’m not sure which one I’d pick.

I am not as bad as Comcast.

I hate Comcast like I hate child molesters, David Lynch movies and swamp-ass.

Recently, the great, digital Satan decided to offer a new feature called “FuckYourDNS.” Now, when one of their “customers” (henceforth referred to herein as “victims”) mistypes a URL, rather than getting a standard error, their DNS is hijacked by their own provider and Comcast sends them to a faux search page with advertisements on it.

This means that if you just got done typing in a supercalifrgalisticexpialadocious.com and happen to have misspelled it by a character, rather than clicking on the address bar and amending your error: fuck you. We replaced it with our advertisement redirect. Type that shit in again.

After throwing things and screaming for a while, I called Comcast to complain, but of course the people that make stupid fucking decisions such as this one are insulated from criticism by a nice thick layer of ineffectual (yet blameless) call center employees who in turn are buffered by hour wait times. It’s like storming Normandy.

After listening to an hours worth of hold-music and nauseating commercials (for a company I wouldn’t drown in a sea of urine If it was on fire and taped to a giant, gasoline soaked box containing every kitten on earth,) I was well primed for the criminally useless call-center employee that picked up the phone.

He could not turn it off, he said. I had to log in to a Comcast account that I didn’t even know I had and turn it off myself, but before I did that, I would have to switch the email I had on file (one I use) with my Comcast email. You know, the one I just found out that I had and have no desire to use.

Of course, in the end I was left with no choice but to jump through a bunch of hoops to do what I’d set out to do and, of course, by the time I was done it didn’t feel like an equitable use of my time. Regardless, I felt OK about. A small victory for the victim.

My irrational urge to find and sucker-punch the CEO of Comcast subsided…

What did I do?

Until yesterday.

Yesterday I moved my site from one host to another. DNS propagation has become remarkable over he last decade. DNS is the service that matches up domain names (which people can understand) to IP addresses (numerical addresses that computers understand.) Since I am moving I had to re-point my domain name to a new place. When I got my first domain name, DNS propagation frequently took 24 hours or better. That means it took a whole day for the new pointer to be recognized everywhere. Now it happens in seconds. Except with Comcast. 24 hours after I changed where my domain pointer, Comcast still kept taking me to the old location. This meant that I couldn’t work on my website.

Eventually I fixed the problem by editing my host file and adding an entry overriding where Comcast was sending me, but for all I know, they still don’t have the right place.

The part that really irks me is that I didn’t call them and that I didn’t call them because it wouldn’t have done any good. They would have not have been able or willing to do anything about it. It’s pretty sad when a company is so worthless that it’s simply understood among their victims that it is a pointless and costly endeavor to attempt to engage them for support.

It must save them a lot of money. Dicks.

2 Responses to If I had a choice to either cure cancer or cure Comcast, I’m not sure which one I’d pick.

  1. David says:

    Just change your DNS to point to one that doesn’t puke up ads on 404.

    I use the Google one, it’s easily the fastest, and have used OpenDNS before too. Easiest way is to set the DNS on your router to and but you can also change it per computer in your network settings.

    I am really glad to not have comcast anymore.

    • moJoe says:

      Funny you should mention that. I deleted the part where I ranted about changing my DNS server to and how when I did a dig @ from my friend’s linux server, it showed my new location, but when I did it from DOS, it showed the old location.

      I am pretty sure it doesn’t matter what DNS server you type in, Comcast is doing your DNS for you. Either that or there is something weird about the way they cache web pages, but that’s voodoo, mystery shit I don’t understand.