Defrauding voters is treason and should carry the death penalty


A few days ago, the Baltimore Sun published an article on their website outlining a complaint filed against a GOP consulting group which is being accused of robo-calling over 112,000 Democrats on election day–while the polls were still open–and informing them that their candidate had already won and that they needn’t bother going to vote.

This called to mind a similar experience I personally had while I was going to college during the 2004 presidential campaign cycle and ran into a guy on campus who was attempting to persuade students to register as Republicans, claiming that there were certain ballot measures that only Republicans could vote on.

Then, of course, there are the numerous complaints of voting machine tampering in the last decade, including video documentation of vote fixing using voting machines and voting machine “bugs” in which the machine changes the vote after the vote has been placed. There are even a number of tutorials on how to hack a voting machine.

Every election cycle there are hundreds of reports of political groups misleading voters or intimidating them or otherwise abridging their right to vote. If there were ever a direct attack on democracy, it is this. If there were ever a crime that deserved to share the word “treason” with Benedict Arnold and his collusion with the British, it would be this attack on the fabric of our political system.

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The vote is the essence of freedom. It is the root from which all of our liberties stem and it is the collective voice with which we temper the machinations of the government. It is the leash on the monster; the hammer that shapes the sword. Without the vote, freedom is an illusion and our government becomes our master. Therefore when a person or group of persons does anything to halt, forestall, impede or otherwise fraudulently dissuade voters from executing their duty as citizens, or changes or destroys their votes after the fact, it is treason and should be punished accordingly.

Title 18, part 1, chapter 115 ยง 2381 of the U.S.C. states:
“Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death…”
It goes on to list lesser punishments such as jail time or fines.

The rest of chapter 115 covers sedition and conspiracy, which could reasonably be applied to unlawful disenfranchisement in even more cases than treason.

Now is probably a good time to mention that–for a number of reasons–I don’t actually support the death penalty. Still, I am perplexed as to how voter fraud is not considered treasonous (or at the least “seditious conspiracy”) and why punishment is not meted out in that light. It simply doesn’t make any sense. Who would stand up for voter fraud? Who would impede a bill that demanded harsher punishments for those committing voter fraud? And most importantly: why the fuck is our government not doing more to prosecute people for these brazen attacks on what is certainly among the most sacrosanct of our rights?

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The recent case against the GOP political group that defrauded Democrat voters is being tried as a civil case in federal court and is seeking $500 per crime. While this could potentially cost the defendants $60 million dollars a piece, this simply is not good enough. This is a crime perpetrated against the very wellspring of our freedom, not a god damn dispute over the neighbors dog shitting on our lawn. This is a criminal case and if these people are found guilty of making those calls, they (at the very least) need to go to prison for a very long fucking time.

If you suspect voter fraud is being committed in your district, SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT. It would be nice if your duty as a citizen was discharged on voting day and you could go back to watching guidos fuck each-others’ hair on television, but that is a fantasy. Your responsibility to shape the attitudes of our elected officials is perpetual and must be executed frequently.

Go here and let your congressman know how you feel about voter fraud.

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