I was recently re-introduced to Dubstep by a co-worker of mine. Before she mentioned it, I was aware of it but for some reason I don’t think I ever gave it a square listening. She recommended I listen to Rusko, so I made a Rusko channel on Pandora and have since been listening to Dubstep every chance I get for the last two months. Car rides, bus rides, dishes, cleaning the house–pretty much any time I am not expected to be engaging others in conversation and sometimes even when I am.

It’s hard to explain why I like it. I love Electronica and have always loved gritty music. While not all Dubstep is gritty, there is plenty that is. I’m really surprised mainstream R&B/Hip-hop/rap hasn’t co-opted the hell out of this sound yet.

It grows on you. Here are a few of my favorites. If you like Electronica or Triphop, you should give this a serious couple of listens.

Just Like a Pimp (draft) by Vize
Edit: I just found this on my Friend Mitchy’s website, it’s pretty effing sick:

There is also this song, which is not on Grooveshark but is very much worth mentioning. You can get a little sample here.