Like everyone else on the internet, I can’t stop playing this stupid game. I made a lame video to showcase my obsession. Here it is. I am now going to go drown my shame… in more Minecraft.

The shame… it burns.

3 Responses to Minecraft!

  1. adambhomeless@hotmail.com says:

    How long have you been playing this? Ive been to the website and tinkered with the flash version. LOVE YOUR BLOGS.

  2. moJoe says:

    On and off for a few months now. Most of what I built in that video was made in the last month with a slight interruption for a brief romance with Civilization 5. A fling, really.

    The library is nearly done. It’s now 5 stories high with arcaded ceilings and towers and shit. It’s getting nuts. As soon as it’s all the way done, I’ll make another video to shame myself with.

    Thanks for the kind words! Tell a friend.