Yes! We are about to get buried!

I hate bad weather. And by bad weather I mean slightly cold, slightly damp bullshit. If we’re going to have sun, give me sun. If we’re going to have a storm, give me a god damn storm and if we’re going to have snow… SNOW. I want mountains of soul-crushing ice smothering the life out of the city. Bring me a frigid Armageddon sired by a draft from the very doors of hell or piss off.

Well, for all of you fellow lovers of disruptive weather:

4 Responses to Yes! We are about to get buried!

  1. Scott Jones says:

    On one hand this news pleases me immensely. On the other, I have to ride mass transit for over 90 minutes to get to work as it is and the bus drivers up here have a hard time keeping the buses on the bridges when it snows.

  2. Joe No says:

    Silly goose, there is no work during SnoArmageddon.

  3. every other year like clock work

  4. Scott Jones says:

    If I get the full time position doing QA I wouldn’t mind, since it is a salaried position, but if I don’t get it, then it’s either work or don’t pay bills. I would much rather ride my tricycle in the snow though :)